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Research in the Department of Economics

Research activities in the Economics Department are carried out through the Econometrics Laboratory. The main research themes concern:

  •  Applied Microeconomics and Microeconomic Theory: industrial economy, competition, social choice theory, organization theory, game theory
  •  Macroeconomics and Labor Economics : fluctuations, commerce, economics, theory of unemployment, economics of education
  •  Sustainable Development and CSR: economics of sustainable development,  climate change, sustainable finance and responsible investment, environmental economics and Corporate Social Responsibilty

The laboratory is home to:

  • teachers and resident researchers who are members of the Department
  • associate researchers
  • doctoral and post-doctoral students
  • visitors

The laboratory is associated with the CNRS and forms the economics component of the "Pôle de Recherche en Économie et Gestion" (PREG) of the École Polytechnique.

The laboratory is a member of the following networks:

The laboratory is associated with the following education and research chairs:

  • Chaire EDF for Sustainable Development - link
  • Chaire Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment - link

Research in Economics
at the Ecole Polytechnique:

The Department of Economics
The Econometrics Laboratory

Department President
Pierre Picard

Laboratory Director
Edouard Challe