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Weekly Seminars

  • Lunch Seminar - Monday, May 4 (12:15-13:15): Alessandro Laria "tba". For additional information
  • Department Seminar - Tuesday, May 5 (11:00-12:30) Henry Farber (Princeton) "tba". For additional information
  • Microeconomics Seminar - Wednesday, May 6 at Crest (17:00 - 18:30) Aniol Llorente Saguer (Queen Mary University) "tba".

About Us

The Ecole polytechnique Department of Economics is committed to excellence in teaching and research in economics. Our main research fields are:
  • Applied Microeconomics and Microeconomic Theory
  • Macroeconomics and Labor Economics
  • Sustainable Development and CSR.
Since 1 January 2015 Department researchers belong to the EXCESS Laboratory (CNRS unit #9194).
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